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Safety Management

North River North River Integrated Management provides "24/7 Peace of Mind" coverage and other Staff Augmentation Services for its selected clients and all its operations.

Company Safety/Loss Control Directors are expensive, but beneficial to the continuous operation of many Companies. However, many companies cannot justify them or at times appoint one from within its ranks with no experience.

For a fraction, A Health and Safety Director will be on call at all times to mitigate any problems should they occur as well as keeping all the Company's Safety requirements up the date and on file.

By not applying due diligence on Safety matters the Company can get into serious trouble with the various regulatory agencies as well jeopardizing the Companys Experience Modification (EMR) which will in turn affect the ability to bid or obtain future work on certain Projects.

This can be a significant cost savings benefit to any Company in which, North River Integrated will provide services either from the office in Norwell, MA, or on-site at the Client office or Operation. From pharmaceutical construction, to health and safety consultation, we're a safety management company that can help in the construction safety programs for your organization.

What We deal with:

Workers Comp:

  • Handle all communication with all Insurance Companies handling our Workers Compensation (O.C.I.P.™ included).
  • Process all Accident Reports and determine whether they should be sent on to the Insurance Companies for processing or to the company for in-house processing.
  • Ensure that all injured Employees receive the proper Medical attention and are returned to work status as efficiently, as permitted.
  • Investigate (covertly) any suspicious claims and decide whether to pursue the Insurance Company to deploy an investigator.
  • Meet with Insurance Companies to review status of all open claims and determine the best course of action.

Administrative Controls:

  • Update the Corporate Injury and Illness Logs
  • Update the OSHA 300A Log as required for all the companies and Project Sites.
  • Submit Quarterly and Annual Safety Reports.
  • Meet with Senior Management (as required) to determine the best course of action to improve Safety.
  • Address all queries from General Contractors and Owners regarding pre-bid qualifications.
  • Address any queries from General Contractors/Owners should a Safety issue arise and requiring a response.
  • Order Safety Supplies as needed and ensure that all Projects are adequately stocked.
  • Be "on-call" all day to answer or address any issues that may arise and need mitigation.
  • Draft Safety Programs to supplement the existing Health and Safety Program.
  • Draft "Site Specific" Health and Safety Programs as required.
  • Meet with Project Safety during pre-construction meetings.
  • Ensure that all Projects are stocked with adequate Safety Supplies prior to start-up.
  • Answer and be on-call to address any queries from any regulatory body such as OSHA, EPA etc.

Vehicle Compliance:

  • Process all Vehicle Accident Reports for forwarding to the Insurance Companies.
  • Ensure that all monies are recovered and damages are repaired
  • Ensure that all vehicles are in compliance (registration renewals etc.)


  • Training upper Management of all Safety Procedures
  • Selecting craft employees for training to supplement onsite training.


  • Meeting with Potential clients to market a Clients Safety Program and Insurance historical data
  • Associated Contractor events in furtherance of potential work and client relationship.


  • When the level of Competency has been achieved, hours will be reduced to perform maintenance checks and Client Presentations or whatever is needed to ensure peace of mind